Four Year Anniversary . . .

This past Friday happened to be the four year anniversary of my initial cardiac arrest. The best part? I had no idea! Friday night Scott and I had plans to have dinner at Ilili. When we showed up, Lizzie was at the bar waiting for us! Scotty had secretly invited her to celebrate the day she saved my life. I was completely taken off guard - it was just the sweetest surprise. We hugged and laughed through my state of shock, then toasted and celebrated our four year anniversary, so happy and thankful for the time that's passed. 

I wanted to share this little story with you as a reminder that forward thinking, a positive attitude, and a little bit of time can heal all wounds. We all experience tough times, and no matter what we're dealing with - a health scare, a breakup, a job transition - it will eventually pass. If we keep our chins up and our spirits high (even when it seems impossible) four years will fly by and that tough time will become a faded memory - still there, but not nearly as painful.

Thanks for reading, happy Wednesday!

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