A Brooklyn Adventure . . .

Image via The Infatuation
Happy Thursday! Thought I'd share my little weekend adventure/scare with you since I hinted about it earlier this week. But first, I want to announce the winner of the Romantic Movie Moments tour tickets giveaway: Congratulations to Brittany Ricciardi! 

Now, to last weekend...
Saturday night I went to Fort Greene to visit one of my best friends who recently moved there. It was so lovely seeing her apartment, sipping wine and snacking on cheese while chatting and catching up. Afterward we took a stroll through her neighborhood, making our way to our dinner reservation at Colonia Verde. When we got to the restaurant I was super excited, the space was really cute (and smelled great!), totally hopping, the menu looked delicious, and if the cocktails were any indication, I could tell we were in for a great night.

Within minutes of sitting down, the restaurant started to fill with smoke. Everybody was calm, there didn't seem to be any danger. But Scott, curious one that he is, thought to get up and take a look - Helen and I snickered to the side thinking he was being overcautious. Then suddenly Scott was telling us to get up and leave the restaurant - I looked to where he was pointing and could see flames escaping the roof of the building, right above where we were sitting. It was actually really scary, almost didn't seem real. We quickly alerted the manager and the entire restaurant was evacuated.

It ended up turning into a pretty big deal, four fire trucks and two ambulances came to the scene. Nobody was hurt and there wasn't much fire damage (I swear the fire department was there less than a minute after we evacuated), but I think the restaurant took a beating from the fire fighters putting out the flames. I'm so sad for the Colonial Verde and its owners. But in the meantime, Comodo - the original Soho location - is a must try for all Latin food enthusiasts. And I promise you, the minute Colonia Verde is back open, I'll be the first one there - ordering up their Brussels Sprout Ceasar Salad and Chef's Steak.


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