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Hello! Sorry for being out of touch the entire holiday season. How about I make it up to you with a little gift for the New Year? Here's a quick restaurant roundup for your tasting pleasure. Since I'm always being asked for restaurant recs, I thought it be nice to start the year off sharing my five foodie favorites from 2014. Plus, I've added a helpful little map to make everybody's life easier when planning your next dining adventure.
Hope you enjoy!

With A Group
Birds & Bubbles
Champagne and fried chicken served up in a chic space. Even though the restaurant is tiny, it's best to go with a group to taste all the sides.

Date Night
Old school Italian-American dining with a hipster twist (think red sauce joint meets cocktail den) from the Torsini brothers. 

Thin and crispy, Roman-style pizza in a lively, modern setting from everybody's favorite NYC restauranteur Danny Meyer.

Something Quick
Gourmet grilled cheese stop, just perfect for a chilly winter meal. One just opened in my neighborhood, so I'm excited.

For Brunch
Light and fresh Provencal-inspired cuisine in a bright and cheery dining room. Brunch is always better with some sunlight streaming in.

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 Happy 2015 Everyone!

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