November To Do List . . .

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Happy mid-November! How've you been? I've been busy, busy. During the past few months I went to Vienna and Prague, landed the toughest account at work, joined a book club, threw a cocktail party, upped my running speed, indulged in white truffle, rediscovered St. Germain Liqueur, attended my first country music concert, received these boots, spent a day at Alstede Farms, went to the annual World of Children Award gala, and turned another year older. It's been nonstop.

With October now behind us, I can feel the holiday season (and the cold!) starting to creep in. Before we know it the busyness will pick right back up again, and I'll be back to wondering how time flies. So for the next few weeks of November I am making a conscious effort to check off some items from my fall to do list. Right now I'm enjoying the mild weather in NYC, but it sounds like we're in for a chilly winter (bomb cyclone?!), which means I better get started on this list before the cold gets in my way.

November To Do List: 

See the Matisse Cut-Outs at MoMA
Bake Pumpkin Bread
Treat myself to these Ankle Boots
Have Brunch at Freeman's
Go to a Football Game
Donate my Unwanted Coats
Picnic in Central Park
Have a Fall Movie Marathon
Serve an Apple Cider Cocktail to Guests
Visit the New Park Avenue Autumn Location

What's on your to do list this this month?

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