Cheese, Please . . .

Ok, the weather has officially turned gross. All visions of a winter wonderland have melted into a black mush pool, and I think the overall consensus is that it is time for the season to be over. Sadly, we still have a number of winter weeks ahead of us. So we have no other choice but to embrace the icy wet cold and use it as an excuse to indulge. Sometimes that means cozying up, watching TV, and falling asleep earlier than you have since you were six. Other times that means going out for wine and melted cheese, please - because really, that's about one of the only things that will warm your bones in these temps.

Images via Artisanal
My cure for the winter blues? Dinner at Artisanal. Last night I rejected staying home in my sweats and went out for a bowl of bubbling fondue, a basket of bread and a bottle of red. Capped off the meal with a pot of melted chocolate with fruit, and I almost forgot about the two-foot slush I stomped through to get there. It was the ultimate indulgence that could really only be paired with the weather. And if you're not big on fondue, don't worry. The entire menu is a win, from the famous Mac & Cheese to the Bouchot Mussels, you can't order wrong.

Stay warm, stay dry and indulge!

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