Happy Super Bowl Weekend, NYC . . .

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If  you haven't already noticed, the city is beyond buzzing with Super Bowl festivities. Some locals might complain that it's over crowded - but I think it's fun! There's so much to do this weekend, from concerts and parties to signings and slides. Whether you care about the game or not, if you're in NYC it's worth taking advantage of all the activities in and around town. I'm hoping to catch a concert or two, possibly hit the Toboggan, and definitely go to a viewing party. 

Overwhelmed by all the excitement? 
Here's my short list and top picks for Super Bowl Weekend in NYC: 

For the NFL Fanatic 
Times Square has been transformed into a football haven with signing booths, concert stages, and a 60-ft Toboggan slide. You can even take a photo with the Lombardi Trophy. 

For the Super Shopper
Saks is hosting its own tailgate that includes cocktails, make-overs, sweepstakes, a photobooth and of course shopping galore. 

For the Star Struck
Watch celebrities (like Tracy Morgan, Shay Mitchell, Chace Crawford, etc.) go head to head in a celebrity bowl against NFL greats, then stick around for a post-game Paramore concert.

For the Swanky Tailgater
Tailgate in style at the Hudson Hotel with cornhole games, too many TVs, local beers, and some of the best burgers in town. 

For the Hipster Host
If you're throwing your own Super Bowl party, treat your guests to a bucket of meatballs from everybody's favorite. Don't worry, buffalo chicken flavor available. 

Get out there, have fun, enjoy!


Resolutions Calendar . . .

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted my resolutions for the year? I had alluded to a little DIY project I was working on to keep myself on track. Well, here it is. My Resolutions Calendar. 

I assigned each resolution to a month, found photos to represent them, and created a calendar that I tacked up my wall. So now, anytime I walk into my room, I'm reminded (with pretty pics!) of my goals for the year. It makes me really, really happy. I know we're inching up on February, but if you like this calendar and don't yet have one of your own, shoot me an email at residenttouristblog@gmail.com - I'll gladly send you a PDF of mine!


Monday Mix . . .

Hello, hello and happy Monday!

Apologies for the radio silence, especially after posting that I was finally getting back to the blog. Unexpectedly I had two weeks of doctors visits and cardiac testing (all good, no issues, phewf!). But I did get a little thrown off my RT schedule. Full Disclosure: I also slipped a girls trip to San Francisco the weekend in between - it was the perfect pre-testing getaway. I'll share iPhone pics and local picks with you all later this week.

Anyway, coming off last night's Grammy's (did you watch? what'd you think?) I thought I'd get the week rolling with a good morning mix.

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 Here's what's been coming through my headphones these days:


Happy Belated . . .

Well, so much for holiday posting, I really dropped the ball on that one. Woops! December vacation in California quickly smashed into January market week at work, and suddenly we're two weeks into the new year and I have no idea where the time has gone. But here I am, back and ready to blog my way through 2014, and I can think of no better way to return to the blogosphere than with a list of worthy resolutions for the year.

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So here we go. In 2014 I resolve to...

1. Read the Paper Every Morning
2. Be on Time
3. Do Yoga
4. Drink Water
5. Spend More Time with Girlfriends
6. Eat More Home Cooked Meals
7. Perfect My Beauty Routine
8. Take Dance Classes
9. Carry My Camera Everywhere
10. Host More Dinner & Cocktail Parties
11. Wear More Color
12. Keep Blogging

What are your resolutions for 2014?
Share share!

PS. Want to see how I spent my New Year's Eve? 
Check out pics on Rain er Shine - my friend Tye Rainer's lovely blog! 

PPS. I'm working on a little DIY project to keep me on track with my resolutions. 
Post to come later this week.