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Every fall when the clocks turn back and the hours of sunlight start to drop, I get disappointed all over again at how quickly the day turns into night. This year I'm changing the cycle. Instead of lamenting the loss of light in the evening, I've decided to take advantage of the extra hours of sunshine in the morning - switching out my afternoon gym sessions for a bright and early workout

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This time of year gets crazy with festive outings and holiday parties, a trip to the gym is usually the first thing to fall off of a to-do list. But for me, skipping out is not an option - a good workout is one of the most important parts in maintaining my cardiac health. In an effort to do it all, I usually end up fitting in a quick run after work, then rushing to get ready for a party, showing up with still-wet-hair and barely-there-makeup. Not ideal. 

So even though I am anything but a morning person, deciding to run before work (and sticking with it) has been one of the best moves I've made. It lengthens my day and serves as the ultimate time saver in the afternoon. If you find yourself struggling to fit in gym-time after leaving the office, you should give AM workouts a try. 
For my fellow late sleepers, 
here are some tips I've stuck by to keep from hitting snooze: 

* Keep your alarm away from the nightstand, so you have to get out of the sheets to turn it off.

* Keep your running shoes and workout gear right next to it, as an instant reminder.

*Keep a glass of water by your bed, so you can start hydrating as soon as you're up.

*Keep your curtains open, to let the natural light act as a  pre-alarm.

*Keep your workout goals (both start time and routine) realistic, so you don't wimp out.

Any tips of your own?
Share below! 

PS. For extra encouragement, check out these added benefits to working out first thing in the morning. 

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