Thankful . . .

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Since Thursday is Thanksgiving, I thought it'd be nice to start the week off with a little note of thanks. Sunday night on my flight back from Dallas I started skimming through old posts and was reminded that this blog started because I wasn't allowed to travel. To think that I now bounce back and forth between New York, California, and Texas makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world! 

Last weekend I spent an early turkey day in College Station, this week I'll be in New York for Thanksgiving, and in a few weeks I'm heading to Santa Barbara for Christmas. What more could anybody ask for? It's hard to believe how fast the past two years have flown by, and I couldn't be more grateful for everything that has come of them.  A giant Thank You to you all for following and reading along. 

What are you thankful for this year? 


Weekend Wardrobe . . .

I'll be in Texas this weekend, and while I thought I'd be getting a two day reprieve from the cold, turns out it's going to be chilly in Texas too. Which is actually fine by me. The low temps are festive and seasonal, and I'm always up for coziness. So this weekend I plan to laze around in chunky knits, plaid flannels, smoking slippers, and a good pair of jeans. And in case I need to glam anything up, a fur scarf always does the trick. 
Jil Sander Asiatic Racoon Scarf 

Paige Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Boyfriend Jeans

Ray Ban Aviator Full Color 55 Sunglasses 

November Long Sleeve Shirt

Zara Cable Knit Sweater

Stubbs and Wootton Smoking Slippers


Park Avenue Garage Sale . . .

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Today is the start of the Park Avenue Garage Sale, the ultimate in "garage sales." Really more of a  luxury pop-up, this has to be a must on your holiday shopping list. Held in a 56th Street townhouse (that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, nonetheless) you'll find everything from fashion and beauty products to art and home goods, even jewelry, both costume and real.

All items are either new or gently used, many of which have come from the closets of famous faces and names. And the prices are totally wallet friendly - think a $2,700 coat for $400 or a $150 pajama set for $20. The coolest part, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to this season's featured charity - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center - which only makes your purchases all the more meaningful.

Stop by, check it out, shop away!

Park Avenue Garage Sale
10 West 56th Street
November 20th - 23rd
11AM to 6PM


Waking Up & Working Out . . .

Every fall when the clocks turn back and the hours of sunlight start to drop, I get disappointed all over again at how quickly the day turns into night. This year I'm changing the cycle. Instead of lamenting the loss of light in the evening, I've decided to take advantage of the extra hours of sunshine in the morning - switching out my afternoon gym sessions for a bright and early workout

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This time of year gets crazy with festive outings and holiday parties, a trip to the gym is usually the first thing to fall off of a to-do list. But for me, skipping out is not an option - a good workout is one of the most important parts in maintaining my cardiac health. In an effort to do it all, I usually end up fitting in a quick run after work, then rushing to get ready for a party, showing up with still-wet-hair and barely-there-makeup. Not ideal. 

So even though I am anything but a morning person, deciding to run before work (and sticking with it) has been one of the best moves I've made. It lengthens my day and serves as the ultimate time saver in the afternoon. If you find yourself struggling to fit in gym-time after leaving the office, you should give AM workouts a try. 
For my fellow late sleepers, 
here are some tips I've stuck by to keep from hitting snooze: 

* Keep your alarm away from the nightstand, so you have to get out of the sheets to turn it off.

* Keep your running shoes and workout gear right next to it, as an instant reminder.

*Keep a glass of water by your bed, so you can start hydrating as soon as you're up.

*Keep your curtains open, to let the natural light act as a  pre-alarm.

*Keep your workout goals (both start time and routine) realistic, so you don't wimp out.

Any tips of your own?
Share below! 

PS. For extra encouragement, check out these added benefits to working out first thing in the morning. 


Happy Weekend . . .

Who's ready for it? I know I sure am. Last night we went to Daniel for dinner for my mom's pre-birthday celebration, which was a spectacular kick-start to the weekend. 

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No major plans for the next few days, which I'm perfectly happy with. Today is my mom's actual birthday (yay!), so we'll be having a festive group din at Graydon Carter's latest hotspot Bill's Food & Drink. Prior to dinner, a trip to the Frick has been tossed around as well as cocktails at the St. Regis. We'll see where we end up. Tomorrow I'm hoping to enjoy what will most likely be one of the last warmish days of the season uptown, then heading downtown for the evening for dinner and drinks. I'll keep you posted on any RT adventures on Instagram and Twitter, so follow along.

Have a great weekend friends!


Hill Country Live . . .

Since dating Scott I've gained a new appreciation for karaoke and Texas BBQ (some of his favorite "pastimes"). So in an effort to kill two birds with one stone, a group of us gathered at Hill Country Barbecue Market for a night of messy meat and live band karaoke. 

Every Tuesday night Hill Country invites its diners to jump up on stage for karaoke backed up by a full band. It's entertaining, intimidating, and over all a great time! We ate and sang and drank and danced, cheering each other on, snapping pics and taking videos. We had so much fun, we vowed to return and work our way into the group of regulars, which there were so many of.

And food-wise, I have to say the BBQ was fantastic. Well up to par with what I've had in Texas, definitely the best I've tried in NYC, and even the real Texan approved. They don't spare an inch of authenticity, which I loved. Our food was wrapped in paper, our beer poured in mason jars, our fingers serving as the best form of utensils. 
Can't wait to go back! 


Sale Mail . . .

Ladies (and gentlemen, gift giving time is quickly approaching), mark your calendars for this season's Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale this week, open to the public on Thursday, November 14th.

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 As always, it will be held at the Warwick Hotel and is not to be missed. The truth is, nothing is quite as classic as a Manolo pump and for $100 a pair, it's too much of a steal to not brave the crowds. Which there will be, that's just part of the deal. But trust me, it'll be worth it. And if you're still feeling leery, get this - all Alligator styles will be going for $300 a pair - that is $4,000 off the retail price. Now I've got your attention, right? Here are the details...

Monola Blahnik Sample Sale
Thursday, November 14th
Warwick Hotel, 2nd Floor
54th & 6th Ave
Doors open at 9AM

Just don't forget the sale is CASH ONLY so swing by the ATM on your way there. 
See you Thursday! 


Pumpkin Season . . .

I love pumpkins. I know, it's weird. I'm fully aware of the hilarity of my obsession, but they're just so perfect and cute. Maybe it's because I'm an October baby, but pumpkins make me happy. I love the way they look, I love they way they taste, I love what they represent. So the other day when Scott asked if he should toss the baby pumpkins now that Halloween was over, you can imagine my horror. No way
Pumpkin season is still in full swing. 

I'm still drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes (lately I've been making my own with this Pumpkin Pie Spice from Trader Joe's), I'm still eating anything that's pumpkin flavored (the Pumpkin Macarons from Payard are my new favorite, like a pumpkin bread/macaron hybrid), I'm still displaying miniature pumpkins in my living room - and will be until Thanksgiving, the official end to the season in my mind. 

Happy weekend, happy pumpkin season!

PS. Is it bad that I eat macarons for breakfast?


Cold Weather Essentials . . .

Okay, it is officially getting cold. And as much as I love the seasons changing, there are always those little things that remind me what winter really feels like. It's not all cashmere coats and hot cocoa. Along with rosy cheeks and winter white, comes the dread of runny noses, frozen fingers, unstoppable static, and cracked lips. Here are a few cold weather essentials I love to keep on hand to help battle my winter worries. 

J.Crew Italian Cashmere Wrap for extra bundling.

Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder to cover up a red nose.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream for dry palms.

Fekkai Sheer Hair Spray (travel size) to tame static hair.
RT Tip: A small spritz can also help when your clothes start to cling. 

Ricola Mixed Berry Throat Drops with Vitamin C for immune defense and a sore throat.

Echo Touch Gloves that you won't have to take off when using your iPhone.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment for chapped lips.

Kleenix Pocket Pack for a runny nose.

Stay warm!


Little Black Dress . . .

Tomorrow night is the World of Children Award Gala, an event I look forward to every year. World of Children is an organization that provides funding and recognition to exemplary programs serving children worldwide. It's an incredibly moving charity that I hold very near and dear to my heart.

For me, the World of Children event always marks the beginning of party season. Since the dress code is cocktail attire, I've decided to go easy and simple this year - with an LBD. I plan to wear this Zara Lace Back Dress with a Tuxedo Jacket from The Row, a sleek envelope clutch, and these pointed toe booties for an edgy update to a classic look. 

No plans tomorrow night? Grab a friend and join me for cocktails, dinner, and an evening of utter inspiration. Check out event details HERE and get your tickets (with my ambassador discount!) now. Hope to see you there.

If you can't make it, follow me on Instagram where I'll be posting live from the party. And make sure you check out WOC online to see how you can get involved.