Morning Mix . . .

 Las Vegas was a blast, Santa Barbara was even better and sometimes, when vacation feels like utter perfection, it's hard to go back to city life - no matter how much you love it. Driving with the top down along the Pacific Coast (CA commute) is a tough trade for the tourist-packed 1 Train to Times Square (NYC commute).  

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What pushes me out the door every AM in the city?
Well, first a large skim latte, but next is a good morning mix. Those precious moments before walking into the office are only made better by a great soundtrack that really gets you going for the day. Here's what I'm listening to on my way to work this week...

Wake Me Up
Summertime Sadness
Sweater Weather
Safe and Sound
The Love Club
Young and Beautiful
We Can't Stop
Get Lucky
Holy Grail 

(Yep, I'm a Top 40 Junkie)
What's on your morning playlist?

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