Time to Breathe . . .

You know those weeks that are so busy you forget to breathe? Well straight off of vacation I dove head first into one of those weeks. So busy that I didn't even have time to blog about all the fun stuff I got to do. Here's a quick catch-up: 

Tuesday Scott and I went out to Jones Beach to see Dave Matthews (my first Dave concert, it was amazing!). Wednesday morning my roomie and I went to a taping of Live! With Kelly and Michael (so fun, totally worth waking up at 6am to see guests Steve Carell and Miley Cyrus with a performance by the Backstreet Boys). Wednesday evening was the Yankees/Rangers game which was a blast because we had incredible seats (in front of third, also right by Carson Daly who was celebrating his birthday) but a little sad because our Yanks lost. Last night Scott took me to see the Counting Crows (and the Wallflowers, remember them?), great concert! Tonight I'm actually looking forward to a little downtime, but not before I pack to leave for California tomorrow morning. I'll be blogging from SB for the next week, so look out for a slew of sunny summer posts. Promise to make up for this week's silence. 

Happy Friday friends! 
Make sure you take some time to breathe this weekend, I know I will.  

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