Time to Breathe . . .

You know those weeks that are so busy you forget to breathe? Well straight off of vacation I dove head first into one of those weeks. So busy that I didn't even have time to blog about all the fun stuff I got to do. Here's a quick catch-up: 

Tuesday Scott and I went out to Jones Beach to see Dave Matthews (my first Dave concert, it was amazing!). Wednesday morning my roomie and I went to a taping of Live! With Kelly and Michael (so fun, totally worth waking up at 6am to see guests Steve Carell and Miley Cyrus with a performance by the Backstreet Boys). Wednesday evening was the Yankees/Rangers game which was a blast because we had incredible seats (in front of third, also right by Carson Daly who was celebrating his birthday) but a little sad because our Yanks lost. Last night Scott took me to see the Counting Crows (and the Wallflowers, remember them?), great concert! Tonight I'm actually looking forward to a little downtime, but not before I pack to leave for California tomorrow morning. I'll be blogging from SB for the next week, so look out for a slew of sunny summer posts. Promise to make up for this week's silence. 

Happy Friday friends! 
Make sure you take some time to breathe this weekend, I know I will.  


Cinema Under the Stars . . .

Image via peninsula.com
Every year when summer rolls around New Yorkers spend their work weeks planning the great escape to varied beach destinations (The Hamptons, The Cape, The Shore) for the weekend. But while we're stuck in the city Monday through Thursday there are three things we all try to take advantage of during the summer months: rooftop bars, outdoor entertainment, and specialty cocktails. The Salon de Ning Rooftop Bar & Terrace at the Peninsula Hotel offers all three with their Cinema Under the Stars program. I don't usually like report on events that I haven't attended, but if I don't tell you now it'll be too late. 

Disclaimer: I was supposed to go last night for the screening of Hannah and Her Sisters, but after a trip to the ophthalmologist my eyes were so dilated that I couldn't see a thing, so I canceled the evening and went to Tao (where the lights are dim) for lychee martinis instead (specialty cocktails, check!).

I'll be out of town next week, but if you're free and in the city this coming Monday, July 1st, you might want to check it out. It's the last night of the program, they'll be showing Woody Allen's Manhattan Murder Mystery with plenty of gourmet bites and sips for proper movie enjoyment. Reserving is simple and free - once there you need to spend $45 on drinks or food, which frankly won't be that difficult at the Peninsula Hotel. 

Let me know if you go! Would love to hear how is is. 


Goodbye Jumby Bay . . .

Family vacation was exactly what we needed after the NIH. I have to say there's nothing like the beach, the sun, and a good pool drink to erase all memories of a difficult week. Jumby Bay did just that. I'm leaving feeling happy, refreshed, and nicely bronzed, which is always a plus. It's always a little sad when vacation comes to an end, but thankfully I have plenty to look forward to when I get back to the city. I've got a big week ahead (a screening at the Peninsula, a concert at Jones Beach, a Yankees game... just as a preview), and I'm excited to see how summer has kicked-in in NYC... so many rooftops to visit.
Goodbye Jumby, hello New York!

Happy Weekend. 


Jumby Journal, Greens & Pinks . . .

Watermelon and kiwi for breakfast, a happy home for the birds, a Watermelon Lime Mojito to cool down, fish tacos with avocado and pickled onions for lunch, Bougainvillea vines everywhere, a bright pink Triangl Swimwear suit for the perfect tan, the path to the beach, pretty pink orchids, and a dress from TopShop I wore to dinner. 

Jumby Journal, Blues & Yellows . . .

Blue skies, blue water, a nautical J.Crew tote, pineapple and blueberries for breakfast with a sprinkle of granola and a drizzle of honey, O.P.I Need Sunglasses nails, the perfect beach read Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, mixing and matching suits Victoria's Secret top, Tori Praver bottom, lunch at the Grille, a Mango Crush by the beach, a Corona by the pool, Zara jacket for the evening and Zara shorts during the day. 


Jumby Journal, Whites . . .

There are so many stunning colors throughout the island that it only made sense for me to take advantage and color-coordinate my posts. Since we went to a white party BBQ on the beach last night, I thought I'd start there. White sand, white chairs, Pina Coladas at the beach, white wine getting ready, white jeans from Zara, white crop-top from H&M, and a white necklace I got in Turkey years ago. 



Welcome to Jumby . . .

So many sorries for not blogging last week. I actually had some delusional idea that I'd have time to write while at the hospital. Not so much. But now that the NIH is over and done with (sigh of relief), I'm back and ready to share my next and much happier adventure. Jumby Bay! From the minute I stepped off the boat onto the dock of this private island I've felt nothing but bliss. White sand beaches. Fresh fruit. Crystal clear waters. Fun drinks. In one word, paradise. I'll be writing from here for the next week, and I plan to give you a little taste of vacation each day, focusing on style, food, and activities.
Hope you like!

Do you have any fun summer vacation plans?
Do share, I'd love to know!


Light at the End of the Tunnel . . .

Image via Pinterest 
I'm usually all smiles come Friday morning, knowing the weekend is just one workday away. But this weekend, there's a tinge of nerves making my smile feel just a little bit forced: Sunday I'm headed to the NIH (National Institutes of Health) for the week for a bit of poking and prodding. Don't worry! It's nothing bad. I'm mostly going so the doctors can collect more data about my gene and further research the best form of a cure. So really, it's a great thing! All the tests I go through will certainly help me and any others with my condition. That does make me smile. But let's be honest, nobody likes going to the doctor, and a straight week of it sounds a little miserable. So, like they say, I'm keeping my eyes focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. And for me, that light is a week at Jumby Bay. The day after I get back from the NIH I'll jet off to Antigua for a week of sun, sand, and smiles galore.

Happy Weekend! 
Hope you're smiling wide. 


Graduating Advice . . .

Monica's graduation was a whirlwind of black and orange, rain and sunshine, hugs and smiles & dinners and dances. It was so fun to be back in a college setting, it really makes you nostalgic for those times when all your friends lived across the hall or one flight up. A small piece of advice I gave my little sis after graduating was to make sure to always stay in touch with all her besties. Working in the city can be distracting, and when your friends don't all conveniently live two doors down it's important to put in the extra effort - be it a quick text or phone call, drinks dates or Sunday brunches. I gave her this Williams-Sonoma Cooking for Friends cookbook for inspiration. 

How do you keep in touch with old friends?