Wedding Weekend Photo Journal . . .

I have to say I had the best time in Nola celebrating Jennifer and Daniel's wedding. We explored New Orleans, indulged in Po' Boys, and quoted Bridesmaids the entire weekend. It was a beautiful occasion filled with friends, family, flowers and fun. I took my camera out during the day when we had a chance to roam the city streets, but I only had an iPhone during the reception - so my apologies for the fuzzy pics. I hope you can still get a good taste of what a special day it was.

Canal Street. Note the leftover beads from Mardi Gras. 
Bourbon Street. 
The Bourbon Cowboy.
Love the colorful facades. 
We stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel. Also where the wedding was. 
Dressing drink, flowers & wedding cake. Vanilla and red velvet inside, yum.
I caught the newlyweds escaping for a little alone time. Gorgeous couple! 
Besties. Please excuse the photo grain. 
Had way too much fun in the photo booth. With NYC girls (left) & Maid of Honor (right). 
Hava Nagila. 

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