Hat's Off . . .

To the Class of 2013!

I'm headed to Princeton University today for my younger sister, Monica's graduation. Couldn't be more proud of my little Moni! Who, I should add, I've lured to NYC. So excited to have her living in the city near me. Graduations are a bit like weddings - always fun filled, happy occasions. So I'm expecting it to a fantastic weekend with its fair share of cocktail parties & luncheons, speeches & toasts, cheers & tears (of happiness of course!), and family & friends to surround and celebrate the newly-grad. 

Hope you all have lovely weekends, 
and congratulations to any recent graduates!


Sale Mail . . .

New York Ladies and Gentlemen. This is something you're not going to want to miss. The first ever Vince sample sale. Some of you may know that I don't love to pay the extravagant prices for a Vince tee/jacket/sweater/etc (that happens when you used to get it for free), but slashed prices can be very tempting. The sale runs through Sunday, June 2nd and mark downs are huge! I'm talking fifty percent off or more. Doesn't get much better than that. So if you're in the city and a Vince enthusiast be sure to stop by.

Chelsea Market
75 Ninth Avenue 
(btw 15th & 16th Streets)
Thursday - Saturday 10am - 7pm
Sunday 10am -5pm

Happy shopping!


Hill Country InstaTour . . .

Though not exactly the sun-soaked getaway I was expecting (San Antonio saw epic rains over the weekend), I had a blast visiting the Texas Hill Country. Instead of a tan, I got a new appreciation for Tex-Mex; rather than flipping through magazines on a lounge chair, I read on our room's balcony watching the rain; in place of poolside Pina Coladas, we drank wine by the fire. And thankfully when it came time for Ellen and David's wedding, the storms  lightened up. The evening was beyond beautiful, the flowers were stunning (had to call my mom to tell her), Scott and I danced the whole night, it was all so much fun! The next day we drove back to Dallas through Austin, stopping at The Salt Lick in Driftwood for incredible BBQ and at the capitol building for a quick pic. 

Extra Note: If you're in NYC and want a little taste of my Texas BBQ experience, stop by the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party at Madison Square Park next weekend. The Salt Lick will be there dishing out their best! 


Back to Work . . .

Image from Lingered Upon
It's always hard coming back to work after a long weekend. I don't know about you, but I'll definitely be needing an extra cup today. After a day of planes, trains and automobiles, I finally made it back to NYC yesterday. Lot's to share from my Texas travels, will be sure to post this week. But for now, welcome back to work everyone. Try to take a few minutes to make yourself a good coffee today and take a little break to enjoy. Should make the transition just a tiny bit easier. And if you need a little social media distraction, check out my Coffee Break board on Pinterest  HERE


Pretty & Pink . . .

Wedding Season continues and I'm off to the San Antonio Hill Country for my third one this spring (check out the last wedding here).  I cannot wait to get out of the city for a long weekend! I'm planning on plenty of pool time, a few rounds of morning tennis, a visit to the spa, and lots of good food. 

Packing for this trip was easy (bikini, shorts, sunscreen, done). I did put a little thought into the dress I'll be wearing to the wedding though. I figured I finally had to give my new H&M Conscious Collection obsession a rest - I did wear it to the last two weddings after all - and settled on a pretty pink Gatsby-inspired Parker dress. It should be fun to dance in!

Parker Allegra Beaded Silk Feather Dress
Jewelneck & Feathered Hem
Pearl Earrings, Zara Evening Clutch, Etro Heels
Happy long weekend everyone, enjoy a well-deserved break!


About My Style . . .

For all you avid Instagramers, I think you'll really like this: Aboutmystyle.com 
This is a new social media platform that allows you to upload your photos according to theme. The concept is simple, each day About My Style will select a new theme that will last 24 hours, during which you upload your photo to share it with other style gurus around the world.

Today's theme is What's in Your Bag and The Resident Tourist is being featured on the homepage. Take a minute to check it out!

And just in case you missed last week's post, here's What's in My Bag.


Cinnamon Honey . . .

I recently discovered the Cinnamon Honey Liquid Topping at Pinkberry and have been addicted ever since. I love it so much that I dedicated almost twenty minutes online trying to figure out where I could buy it. When I failed to find out where Pinkberry gets their Cinnamon Honey, I decided to make my own. It turned out pretty tasty, so thought I'd share the recipe. 

10 ounces of your favorite honey
1 Tablespoon of ground cinnamon
A few drops of vanilla

Gradually mix the cinnamon into the honey to avoid clumps. Be sure to sample as you mix, in case you want to add less or more cinnamon to taste. Add just a drop or two of vanilla for an extra level of flavor. Serve with apples or bananas for dipping, stir into your favorite tea, spread onto buttered toast, or my personal favorite, drizzle over greek yogurt topped with berries and granola. Just like Pinkberry! 

Extra note: While searching online I came across some amazing information. It turns out that cinnamon and honey have incredible healing benefits. Their properties, when combined, can help with anything from weight loss to the common cold. But most significant, at least for me, is that this power combo can lower cholesterol, reduce clogging in the arteries, and potentially prevent heart attacks! I love it. Click here to learn more. 

Ps. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my bypass surgery. Until my mom reminded me last night, I had completely forgotten that a year ago my heart was being operated on. 
I'll take that as a good sign! 


Fun Find . . .

I'm sure you've picked up on the fact that I eat out quite a bit. It's hard not to in such a culinary city. I'm usually the one making the reservations, so I often find myself juggling between OpenTable, Zagat, Urbanspoon, MenuPages, etc. to make sure I find the right spot for whatever the occasion. Sometimes just finding a place to eat can be a full time job. 

I recently stumbled upon a fantastic tool that will make reserving the perfect table just a little bit easier. Enter Taste Savant. This site combines all those sites you'd usually visit into one convenient tool. Go to Taste Savant, enter your neighborhood, cuisine, price range, and occasion, and the website will narrow your choices, provide reviews, images, and the menu, tell you the most outstanding dishes, link you to the restaurant site, it'll even direct you to OpenTable to make a reservation. It's genius. 

Small note, Taste Savant is brand new so it's only available in New York & Chicago for the time being, but I can see this catching on in other cities soon. 

Check it out, play around. Let me know what you think!


Rosy & Cozy . . .

Re-reading Friday's post feels a bit silly now after my longings for warm weather were completely denied by a weekend filled with rain. Friday was wonderful - we sat outside, sipped margaritas, ate chips and guacamole, and enjoyed a tiny taste of summer. I went to sleep that night excited for a Saturday in the sun.

Well, not so much. I woke up and lifted my shades to find nothing but cool grey mist. All plans for a central park picnic quickly dissolved, and I was suddenly craving something more rosy and cozy. The Gramercy Park Hotel (one of my favorite spots in the city, check out a prior post HERE) was the perfect solution: two fireplaces for coziness, the Rose Bar for rosiness, and Maialino next door for a fabulous brunch. Goodbye rainy day disappointment!

So tell me, how was your weekend? 


Warm Weather Cravings . . .

The weekend's here and looks like the high temps in NYC are going to hold out! 
Here are a few of my warm weather cravings: 

Crop Tops 
Love this one from ASOS.

Going to Mercadito Grove tonight to enjoy one. 

Ice Cream
Some of the most delicious sundae cones you'll ever taste at Big Gay Ice Cream

Roof Tops
Been living at the Hudson Hotel Sky Terrace, great summer vibe. 

Sunset Walks
The High Line couldn't be better for this, my city go to. 

Bare Feet
Well sort of. Still a germ-a-phobe, so these Urban Outfitters cutout 
sandals are the next best thing. 

What do you long for when summer starts to roll in?


Creative Juice at Equinox . . .

I'm a big fan of Equinox, it's where I do all my daily workouts. I also love that they're all over the country so when I'm in L.A. or Dallas I can still keep up with my gym routine. 

Equinox recently teamed up with famed New York restauranteur Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group to launch Creative Juice, a healthy juice cafe now found at three of NYC's Equinox locations. I've slowly been working my way through the menu. Being from California I'm not intimidated by crazy juice concoctions, but if you're not used to drinking your kale you might be slightly turned off. So here are my top recs for your next visit:

The juices are quite pricey - so if you don't like drinking something that tastes healthy then you'll be better off going for a smoothie. They're huge, not too expensive, and taste like milkshakes - perfect for a meal replacement. 

Berry Berry Nice
Strawberries, Banana, Goji Berries, Rice Milk, Chevril 

Blue Cow
Blueberries, Skim Milk, Almonds, Acai

Lean and Green
Spinach, Tofu, Asian Pear, Turmeric 

Organic Cold-Pressed Juices:
These are pricier and won't fill you up like a smoothie, but they're jam-packed with nutrients to keep your body fueled, strong, and radiant. 

The Good Fight

Soothe Operator 

Grin and Berry It

Images from Creative Juice
And there are so many more flavors to try!
PS. Don't worry, you don't have to be a gym member to visit the Juice Cafe.

What's in My Bag . . .

Doing some fashion research at work the other day and stumbled upon this neat In Her Bag post, featuring the bags of the top editors at Vogue Australia. Thought I'd dump everything out of my purse today so you could all see what's in my bag...

Books, magazines, newspapers, web browsing, etc.

Smart Water

Chanel Wallet
Cash, cards, coins. 

Ralph Lauren Sunglasses
Sun protection. 

Kiehl's Lip Balm
My lips can't live without this. 

Altoid Smalls
I only like the smalls, Wintergreen is my favorite flavor. 

Hair Clip
Comes in handy for a quick updo on the run. 

Trader Joe's Hand Sanitizer
I'm a complete germ-a-phobe, so this is a must. 

Essie Clear Polish
For a chipped nail or run in your tights. I'm often a victim of both. 

Office, mailbox, apartment. 

Mac Studio Fix
The best for quick coverage and a matte finish. 

Never hit the streets without these.

For ideas, thoughts, notes, to do lists, etc. 

See above. 

So much lighter than carrying around my computer.  

So, what's in your bag?


Wedding Weekend Photo Journal . . .

I have to say I had the best time in Nola celebrating Jennifer and Daniel's wedding. We explored New Orleans, indulged in Po' Boys, and quoted Bridesmaids the entire weekend. It was a beautiful occasion filled with friends, family, flowers and fun. I took my camera out during the day when we had a chance to roam the city streets, but I only had an iPhone during the reception - so my apologies for the fuzzy pics. I hope you can still get a good taste of what a special day it was.

Canal Street. Note the leftover beads from Mardi Gras. 
Bourbon Street. 
The Bourbon Cowboy.
Love the colorful facades. 
We stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel. Also where the wedding was. 
Dressing drink, flowers & wedding cake. Vanilla and red velvet inside, yum.
I caught the newlyweds escaping for a little alone time. Gorgeous couple! 
Besties. Please excuse the photo grain. 
Had way too much fun in the photo booth. With NYC girls (left) & Maid of Honor (right). 
Hava Nagila. 


Back in NYC . . .

It's always hard to come home from vacation. Back to life, back to reality. We had such a wonderful time in New Orleans, I wasn't ready to leave yesterday. The view outside my window this morning made it just a little easier to be back in the city though.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and to all the Mommies - a very happy Mother's Day! 

Wedding Weekend photos to come, stay tuned.


Wedding Weekend . . .

This weekend I'm headed to New Orleans for one of my best friends sister's wedding. I'm so excited! Here's a little sneak peak at what I'll be packing:

Rehearsal Dinner
Black Ali Ro Mesh Detail Peplum Dress
Chanel Earrings
Chanel Mini Flap Bag
Black Strappy sandals similar to these

Red H&M Conscious Collection Dress
Banana Republic Earrings
Chanel Clutch 
Tortoise Shell pumps similar to these

I'm bringing my camera along so be sure to look out for Monday's post to see pics of all the festivities. I'll be posting on Instagram too. 

Happy weekend!


Mother's Day Gift Guide . . .

In case you're running short 
on ideas (and time), here are my picks to make any mom smile:

Jennifer Meyer Gold Mommy Pendant Necklace $850
Calypso St. Barthe Vanille Bougie Parfum Candle $45
Sprinkle's MOM Box of Cupcakes $39
J.Crew Refined Leather Belt in Beige Stone $48
Flowers by Carolyne Roehm Coffee Table Book $51
Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in April or May shade $27
Le Mer The Eye Concentrate Eye Cream $180

Because every mom deserves a little something special! 


In Anticipation . . .

Have you been eagerly awaiting the opening of The Great Gatsby as much as I have? 
It's been marked in my calendar for months. A few weeks ago Tiffany's unveiled its elaborate Gatsby themed windows, last week was the premiere at Lincoln Center, and tonight was a screening at the Time Warner Center. Three days until it comes to theaters and I cannot wait. So in anticipation I've decided to re-read the book for the fifth or sixth time. I still get transfixed by Fitzgerald's meticulous descriptions, Gatsby's illustrious glamour, and of course the tragic irony of it all. 

I have very high hopes for this film. We'll see how it goes. 
Will Leo be able to play the role of a lifetime?
What do you think? Let me know.