High Standards . . .

Last night a bunch of us went out for a fun, festive, family dinner at Socarrat East. As the daughter of a Spanish (and foodie) father, you can imagine how seriously I take my tapas. Honestly, there are few restaurants around the city that I find worthy of the "authentic Spanish" label. Socarrat is certainly one of them. Not only is the food fantastic, but the atmosphere is super lively with just the right amount of cool. If you love paella and sangria, then you have to give it a try - be sure to order the alcachofas fritas and the patatas bravas. You'll never look at an artichoke or potato the same way again.

Check out the other Socarrat restaurants La Nacional (a total dive, but truly the best paella you'll ever taste) and La Churrreria (your perfect post for chocolate, fried, sugar-coated deliciousness). 

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  1. You introduced me to Socarrat when I first moved to Chelsea and it is still one of my favorite restaurants! xxx