A Little (Heart) Break . . .

Hi Friends ~

Hate to bring down the mood here - I like to keep this blog upbeat and informative - but I thought it'd only be fair to let you all know that I'm going to be taking a little blogging break. I just found out yesterday that I'm having open heart surgery - probably at the end of this week or beginning of next. I'm already in the hospital, which means that I won't be able to take you on any fun city adventures until I've recovered. But don't you worry! I fully intend to get back to resident touring when this is all over. 
So hang tight and stay tuned!

Thank you all for being such loyal readers - you're the best!



Little Black Tour Book . . .

Ready for the weather to start warming up? I know I am.
Here's a LBTB for a lovely month of May. 

Click the links below to be directed to each pick's site: 

With summer just around the corner, this brand new Nolita boutique is exactly what you need for all your summer cravings: women's apparel, accessories and jewelry, home goods and gifts...each wonderfully beachy in style. This is bohemian-glamour at a whole new level. 

A lower east side favorite, Schiller's is the perfect restaurant for a fun start to your night. Lively atmosphere, tasty menus, and the Keith McNally stamp of approval make for the ultimate in casual dining - the Moules Frites and Hamburger are to die. Great for late-night suppers too!

Known as one of the best cocktail lounges in the city, the Pegu Club is more than just a bar. It's an experience. Like liquid candy, the drinks here are made of pure goodness. Before your last sip, you'll be ordering a second drink, if not for its inventive deliciousness, then just to watch the theatrics of the cocktail preparation.

Co-owned by Robert DeNiro, this hotel hot spot is a real gem in downtown New York. Uniquely stylish and comfortably homey, the Greenwich Hotel is like staying at your incredibly chic best friend's guest house. The lovely courtyard is ideal for coffee or cocktails as the days start to get warmer. Expect to see your fair share of celebrities here, especially during the Tribeca Film Festival.