Playing Paparazzi . . .

Last week was the 2012 TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World Gala. What better excuse to play paparazzi, huh? Just another perk of living in NYC... A-List events, with A-List guests, right outside your front door. Literally. The Gala was held in the Time Warner Center (my nextdoor neighbor), so it was hard to resist swinging by on my way home to catch a glimpse of some famous faces. I'm not one to easily get star-struck, but Most Influential People in the World - they've gotta be worth stopping for.

Recognize anybody?

Top to Bottom & Left to Right

Actual Paparazzi
Ann Curry / Barbara Walters
Tilda Swinton / Kristen Wiig
Dr. Oz / Arianna Huffington
Lauren Bush and David Lauren
Sandra Lee / Lauren Bush
Jeremy Lin / Victor Cruz
Tyra Banks / Ben Rattray

Check out the full list HERE.

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