Cindy Sherman at the MoMA . .

Last week I went to see MoMA's Cindy Sherman exhibit - it was fantastic! If you like photography, I so recommend you go. It's gritty and raw and interesting on so many levels. If you don't know Cindy Sherman, she's a photographer who photographs herself, dressed and made up to represent different elements of society - from circus clowns, to beauty queens, to renaissance figures - she covers everyone. It's astonishing to see how she can transform into so many different characters, and she does it all herself! The makeup, the background, the costumes, the hair, the photography. 

I don't want to give too much of the exhibit away, but here are a few of my favorite collections: Her Untitled Film Stills, which originally brought her fame as she photographed herself portraying scenes from fictional movies; a series titled Centerfolds, in which she plays on the idea of centerfolds in men's magazines; and finally her Society Portraits, which address the idea of female aging in a youth and status obsessed society. 

I highly suggest you visit before it closes in June and take advantage of MoMA's complimentary audio guides. The entire exhibit is so interesting I promise you'll enjoy it - even if you find some of the images difficult to look at. One note, there are a few portions of the exhibit that are a bit explicit - so leave the kids at home for this one. Go, look around, and let me know what you think... 

Untitled Film Stills

Society Portraits


  1. It made me rethink my use of eye brightener...

  2. Como me gustaria poder ir Pero me queda un poquito lejos que lastima!
    Pero con tus iteresantes notas me doy por enterada.

    Ojala un dia pueda ir en persona.
    Un abrazo, te quiero mucho.