Brunch at The Dutch . . .

The key to having a fabulous New York brunch at a fabulous New York restaurant, is making a reservation in advance. Yes, I know the whole point of brunch is that it's casual and spontaneous: you roll out of bed after a night out, throw on your biggest pair of sunglasses and meet your friends for the best meal of the week - a three hour chat-fest with mimosas and eggs. But after a while, even your favorite go-to joint gets redundant. And there's nothing worse than deciding to try a new hotspot only to find an hour long wait-list standing between you and your weekend French Toast. 

So, my advice is make your reservation now, today. In fact, yesterday would have been even better. It only requires a tiny bit of extra planning than brunch usually demands, and you'll be thankful when you're walking past the long line of hungry, awaiting brunchers, straight to your table. The best part: planning ahead gives you the luxury of choosing from some of the best restaurants in the city. 

My recommendation: The Dutch. Talk about some seriously soul satisfying cuisine - exactly what you want in a brunch spot. I went (with a reservation) on a beautiful Sunday morning and loved it. This hot SoHo restaurant has mastered the art of comfort food; fried chicken, flapjacks, and hominy grits are all on the menu. And there is no lack of originality in the brunch cocktails and pastry board. Make sure you put in an order for the honey butter biscuits - they are to die. 

The Dutch is also famous for their dinner and late night menus, but those tables are a little harder to snag. It requires some real planning, like three week-in-advance planning. So I say, try for brunch. If you love it, make a dinner reservation on your way out - worry about the occasion or people to invite later. The hardest part is getting in anyway. 

Good luck - and happy brunching!

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