A Thursday Night Agenda . . .

Hi All ~

Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you, but my apologies for the mini-vacation. It was a very busy weekend with one of my best friends from college who was in town visiting. Followed by some very busy days at work spent sourcing fabrics and trims at TexWorld

To make amends for being MIA, I thought I'd share a Resident Tourist tip on one of my favorite ways to spend a Thursday night - if you're in the city, this may be a good plan for you this evening. 

Maialino, Danny Meyer's incredibly successful interpretation of a Roman trattoria, ranks as one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. From the gingham table clothes to the fresh, seasonal ingredients this eatery evokes everything that is classic Roman style. Located in the Gramercy Park Hotel, just a block from the park and a lobby from the Rose Bar, Maialino seriously offers all the fundamentals for a delightful Thursday night. 

Here's my agenda if you care to take some tips:

Start out the night with a walk around Gramercy Park. Build up an appetite, look in through the gates, dream about the day that you'll own a lovely pied–à–terre around the park and get that ever longed for and highly coveted secret key.

Then claim your table at Maialino and be sure to put in an order of proscuitto and mozzarella, brussel sprouts, and kale salad for the table. Don't forget to also order an appropriate bottle of red while you're at it. If you feel you need more appetizers, I'll leave that up to you. I can recommend the fried artichokes or the seared octopus, there is also a great selection of cheeses if you're interested. For entrees, I'm a pasta enthusiast so I always order the Cacio e Pepe (pasta, pecorino cheese, and pepper, literally my dream dish). But if you prefer protein, I'll suggest the chicken, sea bass, and of course, Maialino's famous suckling pig. Finally, for dessert, you must order the Bomboloni (Italian doughnuts) and chocolate croissant bread pudding. Need I say more?

Finally, after you are sufficiently stuffed, I proposed you cross the hotel lobby and get a table at Rose Bar for some music and an after dinner drink. Between the candle light, heavy velvet curtains, and 20th century art you'll understand what all the fuss is about this ultra-glam hotel bar. 

Have fun tonight, happy Thursday!

PS. A huge thanks to everybody who has joined The Resident Tourist thus far. Slowly, but surely, we're building the numbers!


  1. Lovely photos! This sounds like a great evening. Another "to-do" on my next NYC trip.

  2. Can I reserve you one of these Thursdays to do just that? The Gramercy Park Hotel is such a treasure. LOVE.