[Tonight] We Are Young . . .

What started out as a somewhat pious evening, turned into a night of music, manhattans, and moments to remember. I left my apartment at 6:30pm headed for a church and somehow managed to return after 3:00am without a clue where the time went.

Continuing the holiday festivities, two friends and I went to see Handle's Messiah performed at St. Thomas Church. Although long, it was incredible to see. And one hundred percent worth it to hear the young boys choir sing the all famous Hallelujah verse. Plus, the setting was just stunning.

But after sitting in not the most comfortable of pews for over two hours we thought we'd treat ourselves to burgers and manhattans at Bill's piano bar and restaurant. What a find. This place is an absolute must if you enjoy singing, drinking, dancing, or all of the above. After a drink at the bar, the host led us to the best table in the house, right next to the piano. We quickly ordered another round of cocktails and three burgers. We spent the rest of the night making new friends and singing our hearts out - everything from Cole Porter to Billy Joel to Christmas Carols. Rick, the pianist, played it all. And things really came full circle when somebody randomly started singing the Hallelujah verse from Handle's Messiah as Rick keyed along.

Richard Termine for the New York Times

The three of us were by far the youngest people at the concert and at Bill's - which made it all the better.  It truly was a night to remember. We had the time of our lives. 

To continue the musical spirit of this post:
We Are Young/Glee 

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  1. this is amazing i was taking a study break and i was like I'M LISTENING TO GLEE and i chose this song and decided to look at your blog and heres the song again! woo!