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Elizabeth Taylor. Yesterday I went to a viewing of Liz Taylor's collection at Christie's auction house. What an unbelievable amount of sparkle. It was quite the experience to see a lifetime of possessions from such a timeless Hollywood icon.

The viewing included her fashion and accessories, her art and haute couture, her costumes and Oscars, and of course, her many many many jewels. As I walked through each gallery, I had to remind myself that everything once belonged to a single person. There was just so much. And what shocked me most of all was how many of her most expensive daimonds were given to her as presents by admirers such Richard Burton, Michael Jackson, or Mike Todd. What a knack for getting gifts she must have had.

I cannot wait to see how the auction ends up. I'm trying to talk myself into bidding on a silver Chanel bag. I'm not regularly one for used pieces, but wouldn't it be something to own Chanel that once belonged to the great Elizabeth Taylor? I'll let you know if I actually follow through with it.

If you're interested in bidding, take a look at the online auction here.

"Ohhh, Elizabeth Taylor. Ohhh. She's so glamourous.
~ Andy Warhol

Some of my favorites:

"'The more the better' has always been my motto." 
~ Elizabeth Taylor

I made sure to glam up for the viewing. 
Our lovely Liz would have wanted it that way.


 Zara coat

Banana Republic necklace

T by Alexander Wang long sleeve tee

Hermès Birkin bag 

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