Thirty-Second and Broadway . . .

Aka Korea Way. I've lived in the city for almost three years and had no idea this street existed. Last night I took a trip to Korea without ever leaving the island of Manhattan. A Korean friend of mine was shocked to hear that I'd never tried her native food and insisted we go to 32nd and Broadway to further educate me. We had such fun.

First she took me to Shilla for Korean BBQ, where we munched on shrimp, chicken, and steak - all cooked on a little grill built into our table. I learned the true Korean way of wrapping the meat in lettuce with vegetables and Kimchi to ensure the ultimate combination of flavors in each perfect bite. 

After dinner we had to get something sweet, so we popped next door to Koryodang for tea and cake. We ordered a green tea cake to share and each had a cup of hot jasmine bloom tea. It was honestly the most beautiful tea I'd ever seen. I'm going to buy the blooming flowers and clear cups for my apartment. Isn't it a wonderfully unique way to serve tea to guests? 

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  1. OMG you're right
    that tea is beautiful
    awesome blog :)